Geographically Defined Area

The PN planning process will focus on two census tracts. One in the Osborn community (Tract 5035) and one in the Clark Park community (Tract 5233), totaling 83 census blocks, just under a square mile (.9 square mile.).

Census Tract 5233 in Clark Park is comprised of 20 census blocks covering 0.27 square miles. Of Clark Park’s 3,326 residents, a similar 34.2 percent are under 18 (1,138 children). The racial/ethnic makeup of the tract is 76.8 percent Hispanic; 12.8 percent White, non-Hispanic and 8.8 percent African American. Together, the proposed Promise Neighborhoods contains 2,492 children.
















Of the 3,936 residents in the Osborn census tract, 34.4 percent are under 18 (1,354 children); 91.8 percent of residents are African American; 1.5 percent are mixed race; and there is a small Hmong community. The targeted Osborn tract encompasses 63 census blocks across 0.6 miles.